Armed police in Germany in 3-day hunt for ‘Beast of Berlin’

Armed police in Germany in 3-day hunt for ‘Beast of Berlin’

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An escaped lion on the loose in Germany has prompted an extensive police search that has lasted for days. There have been alleged sightings of exotic big cats on the loose in the UK and other countries for decades, but this latest case – dubbed the ‘Beast of Berlin’ – is very much the real deal.It remains unclear where the animal escaped from, but authorities in Germany have spent the better part of three days scouring the outskirts of the capital city for what is believed to be a large adult lioness.

The search seems to be centered around the Kleinmachnow, Teltow and Stahnsdorf areas where residents have been told to stay indoors and to ensure that their pets are also kept inside. The alarm was originally raised on Wednesday night when two men filmed the big cat catching a wild boar before tearing it to shreds and eating it at the side of a road.

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The origins of the lioness are particularly puzzling because no local zoos, circuses or animal shelters have owned up to mislaying the animal.

In all likelihood, the beast either escaped from or was released by a private collector.

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