Wild ‘wolf man’ spotted by hikers in remote German mountains

Wild ‘wolf man’ spotted by hikers in remote German mountains

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An individual thought to have been living wild for years has been sighted by people hiking in the region. Gina Weiss and her friend Tobi had been traveling through Germany’s Harz Mountains last week when they encountered an unkempt figure carrying a spear in the middle of nowhere.The man – dubbed ‘wolf man’ – has been sighted several times over the last few years, often wearing wolfskin clothing and carrying a weapon like some sort of primitive hunter-gatherer.

“When we reached the sand caves we saw the wolf man,” said Weiss. “He stood up high on one of the caves and held a long wooden stick like a lance in his arm. He wouldn’t take his eyes off us, said nothing. He looked dirty like a Stone Age man from a history book.”

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Back in March, a distressed hiker called the authorities after spotting the mysterious man, but when police officers arrived on the scene they were unable to locate him.

Even members of the fire department have reportedly seen the ‘wolf man’ wandering around.

“Someone clearly knows how to live outside and adapt to the changing seasons,” said fire department head Alexander Beck.

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