Mantra Virgo Premal: Listen online, filling for female energy

Mantra Virgo Premal: Listen online, filling for female energy

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Women’s Indian Mantras Virgo Premal can be placed online, repeat mentally or pronounce loud. They are used for meditations with the most different goals: to attract love, healing from diseases or others.

Female mantras

Sacred Indian texts for women are always treated for ancient goddess, patroness of love, marriage and home. This is a kind of prayer, but in a more complex execution.

It is very important to follow the correct pronunciation of the syllables of the mantra and observe the rhythm. To not be knocked out, you can use special rosary – with their help you will count the desired number of repetitions.

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Most Popular Women’s Indian Mantras:

  1. “Aum Chandranamama”. This appeal to the ancient goddess of Tara, patroness in love. Mantra helps make a relationship more harmonious, fill them with love.
  2. “Om Dugaye Namaha”. Appeal to Durga, the most warlike and terrible Indian goddess. It is considered a symbol of combining two opposite forces: destruction and creation. Helps filled with energy for career achievements, while remaining feminine and attractive.
  3. “Om Scarasvataye Nazha.” Appeal to the goddess of Sarasvati, patroness of creativity and all types of arts. Mantra gives inspiration, strengthens the creative potential of the personality, fills the energy of the creation.
  4. “Om Mahalakshmaye Nazha”. Appeal to Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty and prosperity. Mantra is a powerful guard that protects against various vitality of adversity and difficulties. Energly attractive, grace.
  5. “Ohm Radhikaya Nakh”. Appeal to Radharani, devoted Beloved Krishna. This is one of the strongest mantras, personifying the feminine. Symbolizes devotion and unconditional love. In meditation increases energy vibrations, adjusting to a positive wave of love, gratitude and adoption.
  6. “Om Shukraya NAAA”. Appeal to Venus, the goddess of love and fertility. This mantra is packed, introduces to a relaxed and calm state, eliminates stress and adversity.
  7. “Om Chandraia Nazha.” Mantra-appeal to the moon. A woman is especially important in touch with this celestial luminary, because the lunar energy has tremendous influence and on the physical, and on the emotional state of every representative of the beautiful sex.
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You can use any of these mantras for your meditation. Try each to understand the sounds of what text get the greatest response in your soul.

Filling female energy

A woman is very important to replenish the reserves of its energy, which it constantly spends during the life. If your vitality on zero, you become tired, irritable, from what health suffer, personal life, inspiration disappears.

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To whom it is especially important to fill:

  • Women who are engaged in severe mental or physical labor. Unloved and tedious work literally sucks all the vitality of you, turning into a gray shadow.
  • Women who occupy senior positions or work on typical “male” work related to stress and huge tension. This condition must be removed, otherwise you will often be sick.
  • Mothers on maternity making, which lacks time to care, favorite things and hobbies. Caring for a child takes a lot of strength, although communication with the baby and gives joy, but pulls the energy.

If you feel about some of these categories, meditation with mantras will help free from voltage and negative emotions, relax and relax, get strength for further active life.

Examples of mantras that can be used:

  1. “AUM SRI GAYA”. Fills the energy of maternal love and adoption. It is necessary to work with this mantra in full moon when the lunar energy is particularly strong. Repeat text follows from twelve to one hundred and eight times.
  2. “Ambicaya Namaha”. Mantra of the female start. Reveals femininity, fills the inspiration and awakens the creative beginning. It is very effective if you are in finding your favorite case that will please you and inspire.
  3. “Ganapatai Namaha”. Indian prayer of the absolute female start. Female diseases heals, normalizes the female cycle, helps to get rid of painful sensations during menstruation, develops sexuality.
  4. “Aum Paramatmaya Vidaam.” Mantra of attractiveness and beauty. Use her if you want to stay attractive, keep youth for a long time and stop being “invisible” for the opposite sex.
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Listen to meditation with the absolute female mantra:

Ways to fill the energy without mantra

Indian mantras are very effective: they increase the energy vibrations of your body, fill the energy and remove the voltage state. But it is very important in everyday life to find sources of vitality in order not to reduce the entire effect to zero.

We will list simple actions that will restore your vitality. And especially effectively singing mantras in the process of performing these cases.

What fills the woman:

  • Creation. Everyone has creative abilities: try to find a lesson that you like. Take yourself singing, drawing, dancing than you like – find a creative hobby, which can be done with extinguishing.
  • Women’s business and needlework. Cleaning at home, embroidery, knitting and sewing, cooking for the family, care of the husband and children – all this very much fills and restores the energy balance.
  • Brass practices: meditation, yoga and others. Find an experienced mentor who will tell about all the nuances.

Practicing mantle meditations and complementing their filling energy, you will never feel tired and exhausted. Try to introduce some practices in your life, and it will soon begin to change in an amazing way.

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