History Channel’s ‘The Proof is Out There’ returns for a new series

History Channel’s ‘The Proof is Out There’ returns for a new series

Obsession spells with pictures

Everything from Bigfoot to UFOs will be explored as part of the popular mystery show’s fourth season. First broadcast in 2021, The History Channel show ‘The Proof is Out There’ is an investigative series which covers topics ranging from Bigfoot and UFOs to conspiracy theories and ancient mysteries.Episodes typically feature interviews with experts in their respective fields and focus on analyzing the available evidence (typically audio recordings, photographs or video footage).

The show’s fourth season promises to be packed with mysteries.

“We’ve got stuff crawling, we’ve got stuff in the seas, we’ve got stuff on land we’ve got cigar-shaped UFOs, we’ve got stuff from from Homeland Security, we’ve got stuff from the Defense Department, we’ve got we’ve got a scientist in Mexico rolling out alleged alien corpses before the Mexican Congress!” host Tony Harris recently told On The Red Carpet.

“We’ve got an embarrassment of riches we’ve got to sort through it.” The first episode covers the Bigfoot phenomenon and features an intriguing video clip.

Love me spells that work

“What it does for us is a couple of things,” said Harris.

“First of all, this fascination… has been with us for decades when we get a piece of video that we can do with deep, deep dive on, we can then turn that video over to our experts and they can sort of analyze it and tell us whether this is real, or fakery or falsified or if it’s authentic.”

The new series is streaming now in the US with new episodes every Friday on The History Channel.

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A compilation of segments from previous episodes can be viewed below.

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