Graves belonging to the Knights Templar found in Staffordshire

Graves belonging to the Knights Templar found in Staffordshire

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The intriguing find has been likened to something out of Dan Brown’s novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’. One of the most wealthy and powerful organizations of the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar have long been steeped in mystery and intrigue – not least in part due to the amount of treasure that they were said to have amassed and hidden at various locations throughout Europe.The order was heavily featured in Dan Brown’s popular novel The Da Vinci Code, which also helped to popularize the theory that the Templar may have even been in possession of the Holy Grail.

Now Historian Edward Spencer Dyas has made the fascinating discovery of 8 Knights Templar graves on the grounds of St Mary’s Church in Enville, Staffordshire. It’s unclear exactly why there should be so many of them buried at this location, but the find could put the church on the map as one of the most significant Templar sites in England.

“I believe these discoveries make Enville one of the most nationally important churches in the country,” he said. “That’s due to its close links with William Marshall, who is considered one of the greatest warriors England ever produced.”

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“But there is a mystery of why an European Templar is buried at Enville and why they were secretly so prominent there.”

The real life Da Vinci Code? Historian uncovers graves belonging to members of the Knights Templar in Staffordshire – in one of the ‘most nationally important discoveries’ of its kind

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— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) August 15, 2023

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