Gigantic Ice Age axes discovered in the south of England

Gigantic Ice Age axes discovered in the south of England

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Archaeologists have unearthed two hand axes in deep Ice Age sediments – and they are absolutely enormous. Thought to date back 300,000 years, the axes were discovered alongside a treasure trove of artefacts on a hillside in Medway Valley, Kent.Their size has proven somewhat puzzling, with one measuring around a foot in length – far larger than the tools typically found from that time period – leading experts to question what they were used for.

Axes of this design were typically used to skin animals, but the enormous size of these particular examples would have made them very difficult for anyone to even hold, let alone use. “Perhaps they fulfilled a less practical or more symbolic function than other tools, a clear demonstration of strength and skill,” said UCL senior archaeologist Letty Ingrey.

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It is hoped that further excavations at the site will help to reveal the answer.

“Right now, we aren’t sure why such large tools were being made or which species of early human were making them,” said Ingrey.

“This site offers a chance to answer these exciting questions.”

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