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Learn the different management and leadership theories and strategies taught in major MBA schools today. Understand each one and put them into practice on your business or the company you work for. Never get lost in business jargons other managers use – keep up with them. Understand the theories and make a real and lasting change in your organization.

For MBA Graduates

We learn theories in school but seldom practice them in the real world. This app will discuss each theory so you can remember them and apply them in your organization. Keep it and refer back to it any time. Don’t waste your MBA degree. Put them in practice today!

For MBA Candidates and Students
This app is a handy reference guide that helps remember important management theories.

Every theory in this app includes on-point explanations, application tips, zoomable pictures and diagrams.

  • Includes:
    BCG Matrix
    Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis
    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    Motivation-Hygiene Theory
    4 P’s of Marketing
    Managerial Roles
    Stages of Group Development
    Product Life Cycle
    SWOT and PESTLE Analysis
    Pyramid of Results and much more!

On-point explanations
Easy to understand
Easy to remember diagrams
Zoomable pictures
Practical applications
Knowledge check

Increase your value at work, download MBA Lessons and Management Theories today.

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