Draw beautiful house designs and Interior Models

Draw beautiful house designs and interior models in Glow House Voxel – 3D Color by number. Color different house drawings and spend hours having fun, away from stress. In Glow Voxel, enter in the 3-dimensional world to color houses pixel by pixel according to numbers.

Glow Voxel is not a simple old voxel game but a glowing one. See your voxel art glow like Tron Legacy. Neon color by number voxel apps helps adults to relieve stress and promote creativity and problem-solving skills in little ones. So adults or children download the Glow Voxel now to enter the world of glowing creativity.

Watch the tutorial for a better understanding. Tap on any 3d model you want to draw neon art. Zoom in-out any part of the house model you want to create. Spread to zoom in and pinch to zoom out ASMR neon drawings. Choose colors from the bottom according to the numbers on the part of the image. Tap on the number color and doodle light board.

You can color multiple boxes by holding on to the number for two seconds and then swipe with satisfaction over the same numbers. Relieve stress and anxiety with different light effects. Range of beautiful models to create. You can choose from modern, medieval, classical, mighty castles and even interior.

Cool lighting and glowing voxel similar to lite brite. A magic drawing game that illuminates your voxel models. Save the game and continue from where you left. Download your masterpiece as a picture and share it with your friends.



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