Mood Balance – Fabulous Mood tracker App Review

Reflexio is a fabulous mood tracker, self care journal app with daily questions. Every day you will receive a new interesting question about your health, relations with people, self care or emotion, wellness or depression and select your mood.

Open your mind with Reflexio mood tracker and emotion journal and see how your mood changes through months and years! Are you looking for ways to improve your mood and wellness? Reflexio is a fabulous app that supports you in phases of anxiety and depression. Use this feature to explore the patterns in your mood. Select your mood on the mood tracker screen.

You can choose between Happy mood, Good, Neutral, Bad or Awful mood (depression) to define how you feel. Track how your mood changes through the months and years. We recommend checking statistics of your mood daily. Self-help for anxiety & depression . Private diary (journal) with a fingerprint.

Note how was your day. Make notes in your private diary with fingerprint every day.  Note in the diary about your mental health, relationships, current mood, or feelings. Reflect on wellbeing, mood, self-improvement or self care. Mark activities, personal goals or habits.

Love and relationship , reflect on your romantic relationship and problems with your couple. It can help you understand how to fix them and what steps you should do to prevent problems in your relationship. Question diary. One question a day that makes you think. Every day you will receive a new question that will make you reflect on the most important topics of our life.

Track not only your mood, but also the most used words in the diary. Get your personalized word cloud monthly, with those words that you use the most in your daily answers. The more complete your answers, the more information your word clouds will have in your journal.


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