Measure Anything Through This Ruler App

Measure Tools replaces your ruler, your measuring tape, your measuring wheel, your sewing tape and even your laser meter. How many times did you want to quickly measure something, but did not have any instrument with you? For us, it happened many times.

Better measure the box and the trunk, before you carry it down the stairs. The answer to all of those is Measure Tools. This measurements app will come in handy sooner or later. If you are an architect, an engineer, a carpenter, a construction worker, if you do renovations, enjoy DIY projects around the house and the office download this app now.

We use ARCore, the new Augmented Reality capabilities in Android plus our own understanding of the environment so you can measure the dimensions of anything you can think of. For the most accurate results, Make sure there is enough light in the room, Go close to the starting point of your measurement and move close towards the end point of your measurement, Make sure there are enough unique points the app can visually track, Avoid any reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glossy tiles.

The sizes calculated by the app are always accurate. However, it can happen that the app did not fully understand the object you were pointing at, because of a lack of unique points so always move and check the visual representation of the distance. The numbers are accurate for the segmented displayed in 3D space. If the segment is not really what you wanted to measure, use the “undo” option and measure again until the visual representation is accurate.

The results obtained through Measure Tools should be used as a guide only and should not be used for construction work. You should still use a real tape measurer or a ruler before buying an item or starting construction work. Measure Tools is not responsible for how you use or interpret the measurements displayed within the app.


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